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He left his remaining possessions to his mistress, Ethel Clara Le Neve.

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The country has been riveted by the daily reports on the story—and today is an especially poignant. But instead, his betrothed, Alma Clark, waits at the mouth of the cave for news of his rescue. Article in the Mexia Daily News. Frederick Dethlefsen was born in Long before you read him in college lit class, Thomas Hardy — had made such a name for himself as a poet and author that his funeral was held in Westminster Abbey. To find this remarkable answer, start by entering what you know about Hardy in the search fields — his name, birth and death years, and England for a location.

You can narrow down the locations further by entering Dorset, England, as an educated guess. His heroism saved the lives of everybody else on board, including his fireman, when Casey told him to jump. Simeon T. To find the answer, start a search by entering the information you gleaned from the newspaper article — Simeon Webb died at The article was dated , so we know when he died, and some simple arithmetic gives us his birth year. We also have the location of Memphis. John Gracsok died of injuries to the skull caused by a blunt instrument. Was it murder or justifiable self-defense?

Who was the suspect? What was the motive? Gracsok is an usual name. These records often include both a form and other supporting materials, such as correspondence, and they can be full of interesting details about an ancestor. It lists the cause of death as murder.

Genealogical Records (Other)

The two images before the report explain that U. The son claimed he killed his father in self-defense after Gracsok attacked him, his mother, and his young son with hot wax, but local authorities believed otherwise, since the blows came from behind. Need more help?

Learn where to begin in our getting started tutorial. Name, residence, place and date of death, birth date and place and cause of death can be listed on death certificates; Additional details may include occupation and the names of a spouse, parents, or children.

San Diego County, CA Vital Records

Search for other records to verify details. Occupation could lead to occupational or association records or could explain earlier work-related migration. Informant is the person who provided information about the deceased. If institutionalized, there may be related records, additional details on a census form, or possibly an entry on the Defective, Dependent and Delinquent schedule. Contact the cemetery directly for burial records and to inquire about other family members interred there.

Death indexes typically provide at least a name and date of death. They may include other details as well. Use details from a death index to order an original death certificate from the issuing authority. Details in a death index are taken from death certificates, where information was provided by an informant and not the deceased. Search for other records to verify facts. Always check the Page Tools box. You may find an easy way to obtain a copy of the original death record.

Even a sparse index often contains the information needed to order a death certificate. Most people in the file died after Death date and the final address on file with the Social Security Administration, plus other details that may point to the location of death records and more. It includes a link to automatically generate a request letter with information about the deceased note: request must include fee paid to the Social Security Administration.

Last address on record with Social Security Administration. May be final residence of deceased or of a surviving spouse. Use to uncover more records and possibly a death certificate or funeral home record. Location where a Social Security number was issued can help you track down an ancestor in a previous year.

Mortality schedules list people who died in the year prior to certain census years — Name, age, gender, color, marital status, place of birth, month and cause of death and occupation. Additional details may include immigrant parentage and whether free or a slave.

Newspaper articles and court documents may have been created for deaths with unusual causes. Search previous census years, birth records and households associated with this mortality schedule to learn more. Look over the record to catch additional interesting details that may not be indexed. Remember, though, that this is just a report from the household.

The individual may have died elsewhere. An online search can reveal the story behind archaic names for illnesses. More than 13, people killed during the French Revolution are listed, but not all were guillotined—some were hanged, drowned or killed by firing squad. Names, approximate date of death, approximate birth date, age at death and city of residence.

Note that these records are written in French but include easily translated words. Connect details in small collections to other Ancestry records linked to the locations where family members lived and died. Click the map at the bottom of the Search page to find all collections from France on Ancestry. Dive into your old French history textbook to see who was guillotined.

Approximate date of death and city of residence can lead to additional death records on Ancestry. Search the Card Catalog to see what else is available. Outside the U. Review birth record availability for France to see if any include this time period. Save the record to your Ancestry family tree so the details can be used by Ancestry to help you find additional records.

Funeral and burial information as well as surviving family members are often included in obituaries, as are occupation, church affiliations, military service, education, birth information, cause of death and more. Use dates of death from obituaries and notices to search for a death certificate.

Death Certificates

Obituaries and death notices may have been published in more than one newspaper. In small towns, check the nearest big-city newspaper, too. Even the smallest notices can include clues, like this one, indicating Bing Crosby was a Friar. Research uncovers his affiliation with the Friars Club of Beverly Hills. Newspaper title and death date can be used to locate the published obituary, which will help piece together the indexed information shown here. Look for a link on the index page to read the full obituary.

Detailed death certificates for American citizens who died overseas between the years and Active military personnel are not included. Date, place and cause of death, plus additional details including occupation, last-known U. Look for a passport and passenger list in the Immigration and Travel collection. An obituary may have been published in the last-known residence. Most files in this collection contain multiple pages.

Free San Diego Death Records | Enter a Name to View Death Records Online

Use the arrows at the top of the record-view screen to move forward and backward. Read everything. His or her family may still own photos or mementoes today.

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Look for an obituary or death notice in the birthplace, the last residence and the towns where other relatives lived. Funeral home records include details about the funeral and the deceased. Photos of grave markers tombstones are frequently uploaded by Ancestry members in the Public Member Photos collection. Funeral home records may list cause of death and related details, plus occupation, age, residence and who paid for the funeral.

Tombstones may list dates of birth and death. Other family members may be buried nearby. Decipher tombstone symbols—they can be clues to occupations, fraternal organizations, beliefs and religious affiliations. Researching this person can reveal more about how the two were connected. Search for census records and city directories associated with the place of death and other addresses listed.

San Diego County, CA Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce Records

Research all symbols. Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee. Voting Solutions for All People. Voter Education. Voting in L.

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