Where can i find paris hiltons phone number

Here, a young Paris is seen improvising said holster using early-aughts fashion. While this may appear to be the same phone as the one above, eagle-eyed Paris fans will notice the addition of subtle pink embellishments on the back, a harbinger of the blinged-out phones yet to come.

Por Qué Ya No Escuchamos Sobre Paris Hilton

Notice how the rhinestones have gone from subtle detailing to a total makeover. This is what scientists call a "lewk. Why are you backtracking from the rhinestones, girl? Who stole your sunshine? Note that it's a different flippy from before — silver now instead of the darker slate. Arguably a new model flip phone, as the front display looks different.

Perhaps one of the first sightings of a newfangled LCD display? Notice from here, the timeline shifts to AS Anno Sidekick, the year of our Sidekick, the beginning of an era, you get the picture, etc. Scientists still can't figure out why Paris would go back to flip phones a mere day after she was seen texting on her sidekick. Notice the subtle way the Sidekick coordinates with her dress and purse. This attention to detail is crucial to keep in mind when analyzing early-aughts fashions.

But it looks like the sleek black flippy only lasted a few months, because here she is back to her Sidekick! Although it looks like the pink Blackberry wasn't enough for her, because here she is with a new, blinged-out Blackberry. Notice that one of them is a touchscreen. This marks a divisive shift in consumer technology and usage.

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Every Single One Of Paris Hilton's Cell Phones

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Dear Person Who Hacked Paris Hilton’s Cell Phone

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Archived from the original Encyclopedia on February 15, Glamour UK. Huffington Post. Retrieved June 28, Archived from the original on March 3, Retrieved March 7, Paris Hilton. October 17, It was all so unbelievable and crazy that it truly seemed like something out of a movie. I have a very busy schedule and was supposed to be out of town today but I rescheduled my trip just to be here because I wanted you, your honor, to know and understand just how much this truly affected me and what a serious crime this is. I want the defendant and any other hackers out their who are planning to target me or anyone else that this is wrong, highly illegal and a serious crime and it will not be tolerated and if they attempt again then they will be punished for their despicable actions.

No one should ever have to go through this or made to feel this way and I hope by being here today it will help make a difference and make people think twice before they attempt or try to do such deplorable things to another person and hopefully put a stop to this. Thank you, your honor. The defendant not only hacked into my accounts and made credit cards with my name on them but somehow found a way to hack into the email accounts of my employees, my friends and my family members such as my father and sister.

We all learn from experience. But when bad things happen to people in the public eye like Paris Hilton, maybe it helps many more people learn an important lesson or two. RSS More episodes Karma has no menu.