Can i get ncic background check

During a fingerprint search of the NCIC, any results on file that match the fingerprint being searched will be returned.

You might be wondering what type of information the NCIC stores. The criminal records that the NCIC collects include 14 person files and seven property files:. A person with a criminal record may only have a partial listing of their files in the database. Although the NCIC is missing data, some groups still see it as a worthwhile source of information.

National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)

While they may find data during this search, the FBI also understands that their fingerprint check may only pull partial or out-of-date results. Should criminal records exist for a candidate, you can feel confident that a more targeted criminal record search will unearth them, even if the NCIC fingerprint search did not. An employer can check for federal criminal records using PACER, a portal that allows any member of the public to instantly access electronic federal criminal records. Most crimes are prosecuted at the state and county level. Records from state, county, and tribal territories will not be included in a federal background check.

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There is no tool available that allows an employer to conduct a national background check. Since a national background check is not available to employers, many use a multi-state background check in addition to a federal background check.

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A multi-state background check includes records from all of the states with online databases. A small number of states do not have their records online, so someone has to go to the courthouse to search the records.

An employer can also conduct a county-level background check on a job applicant. This takes more time because someone has to go to one or more county courthouses to obtain records.

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