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Shouse Law Group represents victims throughout the U. If you've been injured in an accident, our personal injury lawyers will fight to get you compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and even punitive damages. As a West Coast hub for the U. Marshals Service , this San Bernardino Jail also houses a large number of federal inmates. Like many busy California jails, the CDC is not without safety concerns; the facility was recently in the news for a fatal incident of inmate-on-inmate violence. Our team of California criminal defense lawyers provide important information to assist family and friends of detainees currently held at the San Bernardino CDC.

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The following topics are covered:. The Sheriff's Department provides an online Inmate Locator search engine that can help you find out if your loved one is currently in custody at the CDC. The Inmate Locator provides each subject's custody location, booking number, scheduled court date, criminal charges, and bail amount, if eligible. If your loved one has been granted temporary bail release, you can post bail in one of a few ways: cash, certified checks, money orders, property bonds, and surety bail bonds provided by a licensed bonding agency. The Central San Bernardino Jail accepts bail payment seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

In keeping with the laws of California, all incoming detainees at the Central Detention Center are allowed to make at least five local phone calls.

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They can use this opportunity to phone a criminal attorney, as well as loved ones. Family members and friends cannot call in to reach a detainee or inmate at the jail, but may be able to pass along an urgent message. In case of emergency, ask to speak with a shift supervisor.

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Inmates housed in the Central Detention Facility usually have access to phones in the common areas of the jail each day. They can place collect calls or use prepaid minutes to make outgoing calls. You can fund phone communication by depositing money in the inmate's cash account see below. It is important to remain aware that inmate phone calls are always subject to monitoring and recording.

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It is best to refrain from speaking about criminal charges to avoid harming your friend or loved one's case. Incarcerated inmates at the Central San Bernardino Jail have the opportunity to purchase commissary items each week. To assist with commissary expenses as well as phone calls, medical copays and other incidentals friends and family can deposit funds in inmate cash accounts.

Upon release from the jail, any excess funds will be returned to the inmate by check. Inmates who leave with an unpaid negative balance on their cash account may be subject to debt collections action. Visiting hours at the San Bernardino jail will vary depending upon the housing unit of your loved one. Female inmates can have visitors Wednesday through Sunday only, while male inmate visitation is scheduled all week.

The number to call to schedule a visit is The line is answered Tuesday through Saturday from a. You must schedule your visit 24 hours in advance. Central Detention Center inmates are allowed one visit per day, and a maximum of five visitors including children per session. You must arrive to check in 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment or your visit may be cancelled. Visits at the CDC will not be private and conversations may be monitored and recorded.

Be careful not to say anything incriminating pertaining to criminal acts or charges. You can send an unlimited amount of mail to a Central Detention Facility inmate, and inmates are allowed to purchase writing materials and stamps through commissary. All envelopes will be opened and there are strict policies for mail, with many items classified as contraband. Envelopes and paper or cards should be plain, with no added glue, stickers, crayon markings, lipstick impressions, fragrance, glitter, or musical inserts.


You cannot send packages, so no food items, etc. You are allowed to send up to 10 photographs sized 5 x 7 or smaller. These photos should not depict nudity or sex acts, violence or gang-related images. Softcover books and magazines can be ordered for inmates, and should arrive directly from a vendor or publisher i. Do not send in books in your own packaging. When new inmates arrive at the Central Detention Center, they go through an intake assessment process. This includes screening for any medical conditions requiring immediate attention, as well as determination of classification status.

Depending upon criminal background, charges, and staff observations, inmates may be housed in minimum or maximum security units. Through this page, you can perform an inmate search and find out where your loved one is and their status. Finding this information is the first step in beginning the process to helping your loved one get out of custody.

However, with our help and through this helpful website dedicated to helping inmates and family members understand the West Valley Detention Center. Our number one goal is to help you and your family member get back where they belong, out of custody and happily at home.

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  5. In order to search, all you have to know is the name of the inmate or their booking number, given when the inmate is admitted. You can also get inmate information by calling for inmates at the West Valley Detention Center, as well as all other San Bernardino County jails and facilities. If you need help or are unable to locate your loved one through the inmate search, try again in a few hours. Due to the volume of arrestees and inmates processed each day in San Bernardino county, it does take time for the authorities to update the system.

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    However, sometimes the twists and turns in life can put you in a tough spot, leading to your arrest. Whether you were picked up on minor infractions and misdemeanors that accumulated over time or because of one moment of poor judgement, we understand. Due to our many years of experience, we have become familiar with the ins outs of the legal system within San Bernardino County. Sometimes it takes some time for bail to be posted. In addition, we make ourselves available around the clock so that the minute you can be released, we are able to do so. What does that mean?

    Arrestees are typically taken to the West Valley Detention Center to await their court date.