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The nominating commission will convene October 14 to interview candidates in the Linn County Courthouse. The interviews are open to the public, but the commission can adjourn to executive session during the meeting to discuss confidential matters. Comments can be made to any member of the commission, but they must be made before October A judge must reside in the district, be at least 30 years old, have actively practiced law for at least five years, and be admitted to practice law in Kansas. Supreme Court to hear oral argument in case involving ballot for U.

Senate seat. Tuesday, Sept. Senate seat up for election this year. The petitioner alleges his request to withdraw his name from the race was timely filed and lawful. Oral arguments are also recorded and stored in an online archive for viewing at another time. People who want to attend the hearing in person should plan to arrive at the Kansas Judicial Center at 8 a. Security discourages visitors from bringing backpacks, briefcases, or other large bags or items that require screening because it slows the security check-in process.

Caleb Stegall to be sworn in as Supreme Court justice December 5.

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Currently, Stegall is a judge on the Kansas Court of Appeals. He will use the time between now and his swearing in to complete his work for that court. Stegall will begin to hear cases the Monday following his swearing in during the high court's December docket. The court does not have a November docket. Stegall will replace Nancy Moritz, who left the court July 28 to serve on the 10th U. Court of Appeals panel to hear cases on K-State campus. Constitution Observance Day activities. Chief Judge Thomas E. Malone will preside over the hearings and he will be joined on the bench by Judge Henry W.

Green Jr. Malone said the cases on appeal demonstrate how courts interpret and apply laws adopted by our Legislature and the rights guaranteed to all by the U. Attorneys for each side will have an opportunity to argue their points before the judges and the judges will ask questions about the cases and arguments being made. When oral arguments conclude, the three-judge panel will meet to discuss the cases and then issue written opinions in about 60 days.

Congress directed federally funded educational institutions to host educational events about the United States Constitution on or about September 17 each year.

The Constitution was signed September 17, , by a majority of delegates to the Constitutional Convention. The City of Marysville charged Matthew Dale Sain in municipal court with one count each of domestic battery and disorderly conduct. Shortly thereafter, the case against Matthew was dismissed. The city subsequently appealed to the district court, alleging the municipal court erred when it refused to compel Rachel's testimony and when it dismissed the case. However, the Marshall County District Court dismissed the city's appeal, finding that the double jeopardy clause of the Fifth Amendment to the U.

Constitution precluded the city from seeking to reinitiate its prosecution of Matthew.

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The city appeals. John Elmer Goodpasture Jr. He appeals. Issues raised are whether the district court abused its discretion when it denied Goodpasture's third request to expand the bill of particulars; whether the district court abused its discretion by denying Goodpasture's motion for new trial; whether the district court erred by admitting prior sexual misconduct evidence under K.

Appeal No. Dickson II and Lucyl M. Dickson a divorce, awarding Lucyl primary residential custody of the parties' minor son. Steven was ordered to pay child support, as well as spousal maintenance for 36 months. Issues raised are whether the district court erred by denying Janssen's motion to suppress and by admitting evidence regarding open containers after it entered a directed verdict on the open container charge. Also, whether the district court committed judicial misconduct. A jury convicted Wendell Parrish of one count each of distributing a controlled substance i.

The Riley County District Court sentenced him to a controlling prison term of 74 months. Issues raised are whether the district court erred by improperly instructing the jury on the elements of the crimes of unlawfully distributing a controlled substance and conspiring to distribute such a substance and by denying Parrish's motion to dismiss based on speedy trial grounds. Also, whether the state presented sufficient evidence to support Parrish's convictions for distribution of a controlled substance and conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance and whether the state's evidence was sufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Parrish distributed a controlled substance within 1, feet of a property that satisfies the statutory definition of a school.

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After Gregory Michael Nece was arrested for driving under the influence, he received an implied consent advisory notice and consented to a breath test, which revealed his blood alcohol level was above the legal limit. Nece moved to suppress the test results, arguing that the coercive nature of the implied consent advisory rendered his consent involuntary and violated his rights under the Fourth Amendment to the U.

The Saline County District Court agreed and suppressed the breath test results and the state pursued this interlocutory appeal. Issues raised are whether the district court erred by finding that the implied consent advisory was inherently coercive and rendered Nece's consent to the breath test involuntary.

Court of Appeals panel to hear cases on Wichita State University campus. Judge David E. Bruns will preside over the hearings and he will be joined on the bench by Judge G. Joseph Pierron Jr. Bruns said the cases on appeal demonstrate how courts interpret and apply laws adopted by our Legislature and the rights guaranteed to all by the U. Ford County Rhoten appeals his conviction for driving under the influence.

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Law enforcement officers stopped him in Ford County after they received a call regarding someone driving a motorcycle or similar vehicle in the bed of the Arkansas River. A deputy drove to the scene and found a truck with a trailer parked in the riverbed.

U.S. District Court of Kansas Opinions

The deputy waited approximately one hour for the truck to pull back onto a county road and then initiated a traffic stop. On appeal, Rhoten argues that the deputy did not possess reasonable suspicion to conduct a traffic stop and, as a result, the district court should have suppressed the evidence.

United Rentals Northwest Inc.

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Stanton County This is a civil negligence action arising out of the collapse of a boom crane in November Hawkins and Martin, who were working in a basket suspended from the crane, fell approximately 65 feet to 70 feet and suffered serious injuries. The crane was manufactured in and sold to Western Steel in An employee of the seller, United Rentals, inspected the crane for Western Steel in The crane was not inspected again before the accident.

Lawsuits involving multiple parties were filed in Stanton County in A jury trial was eventually held only on the claims asserted against United Rentals. The jury returned a verdict in favor of United Rentals, finding the company to be 0 percent at fault in causing the accident.

After the verdict, the plaintiffs filed a motion for new trial in which they asserted, among other things, juror misconduct. The district court denied plaintiffs' motion for a new trial on all grounds. On appeal, the plaintiffs raise three issues: 1 whether the jury was given an erroneous instruction of law; 2 whether the district court erroneously granted United Rentals a partial directed verdict; and 3 whether one of the jurors committed misconduct. Sedgwick County Glover appeals an order from the district court denying his motion to withdraw his plea of guilty to second degree murder, aggravated burglary, and aggravated robbery.

After the district court denied his motion to withdraw guilty plea, Glover was sentenced to months in prison. On appeal, he argues that good cause exists to withdraw his guilty plea.