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If separation from the military occurs 1 year prior to the re-investigation than that service member would have 1 year left on their current security clearance instead of 2 years. What are the Statuses of a Security Clearance?

Current security clearances are fairly easy to reinstate and thus in high demand to employers. Expired clearances or more than 2 years since leaving the military are more difficult to reactivate.

Finding qualified employees with clearance can be expensive employers put a premium as it relates to compensation in order to fill these positions. What are the Types of Security Clearances? Examples of Jobs that Require a Security Clearance.

Security Clearance Jobs After the Military

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I was subject to a number of five-year reinvestigations, including polygraph examinations, in order to maintain my Top Secret security clearance over a year FBI career. And no less important is the task that many newly-minted special agents are assigned related to judicial nominees.

Visa Video Series 3: How to get an FBI Background Check and Apostille of the Hague

At the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, trainees are immersed in the processes and protocols of a solid and exhaustive background investigation. So, when they arrive in their respective field divisions, they are already familiar with the aforementioned Carla F.

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Who is she? Well, "she" is the readily memorized acronym that reminds investigators of just what to investigate when looking into someone's background.

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It is an enduring checklist that the FBI utilizes to assess honesty and trustworthiness in someone holding, or seeking to hold, a position of trust in our republic. The acronym represents c haracter, a ssociates, r eputation, l oyalty, a bility, f inances, b ias, a lcohol and d rugs. It was presumably employed during Judge Kavanaugh's multiple background investigations during his tenure in the Bush 43 White House, and when he was appointed a federal appeals judge in Burn down the 'boys will be boys' club.

So, should an accusation this significant be investigated? I certainly think so.

Security Clearances for Law Enforcement

Every potential victim deserves to be heard. But Ford needs to file a police report first. Bereft of a complaint, Montgomery County police have already stated an investigation is not forthcoming. If Ford doesn't file a report, the Senate Judiciary Committee could still request the FBI begin an investigation, if it deems it essential to its confirmation process.

How is the background information obtained?

And it has done so before -- when it requested an investigation into Anita Hill's claims against then-Judge Clarence Thomas in But forewarned is forearmed. With the limited details the accuser has thus far been able to recall, any investigation of an incident purported to occur during the s would be difficult. Investigators would be charged with tracking down external potential witnesses while conducting a neighborhood canvass who very well may have moved away from the area, have no recollection of the event or may even have passed away.

And potential party attendees -- if they can actually be found -- may fear the scrutiny of a FBI investigation with such seemingly high stakes.

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Follow CNN Opinion. Thirty-six years from now, an FBI agent investigating an incident reported in would have much more to go on. Not so much, though, when seeking answers from 36 years ago. But the FBI can and should exert due diligence in tracking down any available leads that will be uncovered by a renewed acquaintance with Carla F.