Glenn brooks arrested in nashville tennessee

Find out who is trying to take down all conservative media. Stand by, SocialMediaSlavery is coming! The Nazarene Fund update, with Tim Ballard from thenazarenefund. Glenn sits down with who many people call "the Master of Thrillers", Brad Thor. Reading his books has been described as being in a time machine one year before an event happens.

Today, Glenn talks with Brad about his writing and how closely his novels of international intrigue parallel the real threats facing the world today. Broadway show advice from Glenn, what not to see Bill knows someone who knows Jeffery Epstein. Donald Trump is looking pretty good in all of this. It's official, there was a Witch hunt on Kavanaugh lead by a very dangerous Kamala Harris. Everyone Is Too Serious Today Humble dad's daughter preforms with The Millennial Choir on Broadway A tipping point to a brighter tomorrow.

Sanctions is the strategy while Peace through war. America is the best of friends at peace, but the worst of enemies at war UK Poll says Gay wokeness is fading Border in crisis explained. Beware of the Neutral Left.

Rebekah Brooks arrested with husband Charlie in Operation Weeting phone hacking probe

Jeff Bezos is The Lawmower Man. Mechanism for accountability has been lost. No one is thinking for themselves. Are Texans awake yet to becoming a Blue state. Glenn thinks so, Pat Gray doesn't Colonel Sanders in a tux heading to a Broadway show Blacks are not backing Biden It's a Cat fight.

Becoming everything they despise. Living in a algorithm world. It's in China and Toronto Canada is next.

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Their plans to infiltrate our government is underway. A super power they are not but a terrorist group in the making. It Takes guts to be Trump. Many big names are set to be implicated. The Jeffry Epstein and Bill Clinton connection What was considered conspiracy then, is now all truth Locked up for licking. We're becoming a country of peaceful felons Conversations you think are private are not. It's time to get off Facebook, says co-founder of Apple.

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A very terrifying show that doesn't tell the truth. Nuclear power is a must to combat 'climate change' Nuclear power is safe for society. Mobbed by a anti-Trumper Pat's Discectomy was a super success Glenn's daughter is playing Carnegie Hall Living in the world they created, while messing up the bed they made.

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Meanwhile, the economy is roaring. Class warfare still reins in UN says Venezuela is slaughtering all it's political enemies The Left is coming for our Air Conditioners because they are sexist. Racism and Classicism on high in and nothing makes sense anymore AOC defends a Nazi The latest Jeffery Epstein news is just the media gearing up for another attempt to take down Trump.

Biden blunders and all the other ones running National Anthem fails of all time. R Kelly and Fergie flashbacks Live on air a earthquake in Los Angeles. Not talent ass clown Colin Kirkpatrick Betsy Ross is now a racist and forget about ever watching Dukes of Hazard again Logical arguments are becoming extinct. Drink or not to drink from the toilet. AOC continues to lie about the crisis at the border Democratic Congresswoman, says people should be prosecuted for making fun of members of congress.

Declaration of Independence and the Constitution revisited. A Combined effort from the Pro-Life movement to help families at the border Glenn thinks parades are fun however, Stu thinks parades suck Harnessing love with miracles. Being American is now partisan.

AOC is the epitome of today's college prototype. Fear Google. It's Official, England has turned bat crap crazy Americas Most Dangerous Dems. Joe Biden is down but not out, yet The future of America, Politically by the numbers. Millennials are leaning Socialist Super nests found in Alabama.

Be on the look out for Killer yellow jacket bees. Meanwhile, Pat Gray is doing well after back surgery Bad move Blockbuster. Portland Oregon is under siege by lawless anarchy.

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Antifa assaults journalist and conservatives Glenn takes Calls from concerned Portland Oregon listeners Family we keep in the basement. Valued opinions don't matter anymore. Bat crap crazy while alone a room. Biden plunges in the polls after last weeks debate, while Kamala rises.

Misunderstanding Pao Pot and the moderate Left What will our history say about us. Flashback, President Obama addresses the humanitarian crisis at the border in Donald Trump dominated last night. Only Carly was able to dismantled Trump. Bernie Sanders is done, all money is still on Biden. Kamala Harris the nights Sleeping Giant. Comedy is becoming the counter culture and underground.

President Trump is an all time favorite. Julio Castro supports trans-abortions?

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African-Trans-American person born. Picking off people with opinions one-by-one. Pro-Trump forum gets pulled from Reddit.

Far Left forums are encouraging gun violence and double standards. Too late to leave the Matrix Freedom Fest. Digging up rape allegations against the President that are not creditable. Sandy calls in to discuss her deadly assault by Donald Trump The difficulties of rape at a Bergman Dorffman. Who's leading the way, besides Biden. Things that worked for politicians before, won't work now Ted Cruz takes on a busy Google executive Restoring America's barns across America's Heartland False media narratives on the border Elizabeth Warren may be the sleeping Giant.

Bad back news for Pat Gray.

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Woman delivers baby on way to the hospital and her husband films it all. Pat gives the dramatic play-by-play. He is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of nineteen thrillers, Russia has developed it's own 5G network and it sucks. We are being flooded by Russian propaganda Christian women are being slaughtered in Africa by the Islamic state. Why isn't Ilhan Omar doing anything to help More Trump rape allegations coming. Media continues to pile on Trump and it seems to never end Trump is the gayest friendly President ever. Biden's holding on to his 'race cards'.

Mental gymnastics with Cory Booker who's buddies with Louis Farrakhan Let your freak flag fly. The song '58' is a tribute to those killed at the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Left Wing, Right Wing it takes both wings for flight. Glenn sits down with Blake J. However, due to the political nature of the book, Harris was blackballed from interviews subsequently burying this bestselling author at 33, and after joining Glenn on his radio program, he skyrocketed up all the way up to No.

In this interview, Blake J. President Trumps threatens Iran, then calls it off. President Donald Trump is acting like Ronald Reagan. The Lefts 'war monger' label won't work here. Implementing then acting are two different things. Freedom on both sides and pop the head of the snake. What does America want to do with Iran.