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Criminal Background Check FAQ

Your attention to all the details included on this page is imperative to a successful season. Below is a check list of what is required to be completed.

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Click on the name of each form to open the document. You can choose to complete the forms electronically and then print or print each form and complete by hand. Bring the completed paperwork and the appropriate identification to Merriam City Hall, W62nd Street prior to Friday, April 13 at pm.

Questions About Your Background

The law requires all employees to have paperwork completed prior to being able to work. Employers are prohibited from requiring any applicant to pay for, and provide, their own criminal history or arrest records. The FCRA was created to ensure privacy, accuracy, and fairness of consumer information.

The FCRA accomplishes this by having a set standard for collecting, disseminating, and using consumer information.

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Employers obtaining consumer reports for background screening purposes must follow specific procedures. For example, employers must disclose to the candidate what the background screening is, what information it includes, and how they intend to use it. They must obtain the written consent of the candidate before obtaining a background screening.

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They may not misuse the information contained in the background screening. There are also strict procedures an employer must follow should they decide not to hire a potential candidate based on the information in the background screening.

Kansas Background Check Laws

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This information is subject to frequent change through legislative and court action. The Kansas FCRA allows employers to use private investigative agencies to perform background investigations on individuals for employment purposes KS Stat. In general, the law is very similar to the FCRA.

An employer that is Verification of Previous Employment. Background Checks and the Law Handout.

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